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October 28, 2012

Laura Haislip

Alyssa Johnson

ENG 101 C01


Back Against the Wall

            I remember as a child my grandfather always insisting on sitting with his back to the wall. It was a pretty common practice in veterans especially after Korea and Vietnam. It was their way of keeping an eye out for the enemy while protecting their backside from the enemy who would sneak up behind them. It may seem a little paranoid but considering the recent attacks against Allied troops, it may be the best advice a soldier can implement.

The new trend in Afghanistan is not shoes, clothes, cars, or food. It is the deadly “green on blue” attacks. The four American servicemen that were killed on the 16th of this month were murdered by an Afghan policeman who was trained by U.S. and NATO forces. Afghan forces that are working side by side and being trained by the very ones they are literally shooting in the back. (McLoughlin) (Cartoon from


As of October 2, 2012, there have been almost fifty (50) allied troops killed this year because of “green on blue” attacks. (Stars and Stripes) Defense Ministers, of NATO, are scheduled to meet in Brussels next week. The discussions will be about redeployment, withdrawals, and drawdown options to benefit both Afghanistan and the Allied troops. NATO’s secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, gave the impression that the real targets are “politicians, media, and opinion-formers at home in partner nations and allied nations” and that the attacks have diminished trust, morale, and confidence within both the allied and Afghan troops.

Press releases are showing the Muslim nations having a rise in hatred against non-Muslims (especially against Americans) due to a video on called “Innocence of Muslims”. The video is very anti-Islamic and is outwardly mocking Mohammed. (Millham) Somehow they have missed the fact that we don’t blame every Muslim for the September 11th attacks but they are definitely grouping all non-Muslims together as being responsible for this video. As a veteran, my personal opinion is to have the troops pull out and leave them to fend for themselves in any country where this would happen. That would be using my grandfather’s philosophy of “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.


Two US soldiers with an Afghan colleague (R) from a villager as they carry out a joint patrol at the Morghan-Khecha village in Daman district, Kandahar province. secure a position behind a mud wall on September 08, 2012 at a compound during a random stop to collect biodata (TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images)

NATO has suspended joint operations after the death toll was 8 in 3 days. According to Pentagon spokesperson George Little, all joint operations by smaller units will be “evaluated on a case by case basis and approved”. (Ratnam) Maybe Mr. Little should have an order issued for our troops to keep their “back against a wall”.

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