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Lies and Slander

October 9, 2012

Everywhere we go, we are exposed to gossip and rumors. Almost everything we hear about celebrities is fabricated and people want to know about celebrities SO MUCH that magazines, websites, and television shows spit out what they think we want to hear. I think what happens is that people tend to forget that celebrities are human beings with feelings and emotions just like ourselves. What also happens, in my opinion, is celebrities feel a need to put on a show once in a while. Maybe the sources of a lot of rumors are celebrities themselves.

Let’s start with the newest scandal about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson. Now, the rumor goes like this: Apparently, Kristen Stewart cheated on her long-time boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, with a married man. We won’t even get into how it’s unfair that Kristen is the one everyone’s looking down on while she’s not even the culprit that’s married, but instead we’ll focus on the chance of this rumor having truth to it. In pictures like these:


It’s obvious that Kristen sees a camera. So the question is: did Kristen WANT to
be seen? Why? We’ll never get a straight answer but it
does make you wonder.

Now, onto a topic that’s ever-changing and always relevant: Taylor Swift’s love life.


Whether it’s all over the tabloids or it’s a song that’s stuck in your head, we all know when Taylor Swift is either in or out of a relationship. There have been many relationship rumors that have turned out fake when it comes to Swift, such as falling for Zac Efron and dating Cory Monteith. When it comes to Taylor Swift, there’s never any guessing. If she dates someone, she slaps their name in an angry song the moment they do something wrong. For instance, after very a very brief fling with John Mayer, she wrote the song ‘Dear John.’ After dating Joe Jonas, she wrote the song ‘Forever & Always’ and called him out publicly. Does she date these huge stars because they understand one another, or for publicity? It is hard to tell. The media makes fiction seem a reality in most cases, and it is difficult to see whose relationships are real and whose relationships are entirely for show.

Another celebrity who has been a victim to scandals and tabloids is Alicia Keys. In an article from Newsweek and The Daily Beast it discusses how little people think of celebrity’s privacy. People talk about stars like they are actually friends with them, like they know what’s best for that person. In reality, unless we really ARE friends with the celebrity, we know only what the media CHOOSES to tell us.

In conclusion, if Katy Perry dates a man and then breaks up with him, it is everywhere. Everyone will have heard about it within a few hours. When Miley Cyrus gets a haircut, there’s judgment in the air on every social media site. At some point, average people stopped looking at celebrities as normal humans, and started looking at them as something for our own personal entertainment. With shows like ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ it’s hard to feel a barrier between their lives and ours. We have to keep in mind that we do not know what is best for every star we stumble upon. We also have to realize the difference between when we are being tricked into believing rumors and when something has actually happened.

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