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Sports Salaries, where controling them

October 8, 2012

We have control of Sport Salaries

As we all think about professional sport salaries, they all seem to be a little high just thinking about it. Although people just jump to conclusions and say that sport salaries are too high, all they need to do is look outside of the team itself.  What some people don’t know is that about seventy five percent of their pay comes from the fans and the money they put forth to the franchise.

The fans play a major role in the professional sport players not only by just buying tickets to go watch the game, but by concessions, clothes to represent their favored team, and other accessories. Players also get a lot of money through endorsements and their winnings. For instants, four years ago Tiger Woods was making roughly 130 million dollars a year. Here is a website that has the rankings of top paid athletes in 2008, . After his incident and he was out for about six months, now he only makes about 108 million a year. He isn’t winning as much and he doesn’t have as many fans supporting him like he had four years ago. Here is a website that has current earnings from professional athletes, Once you actually think about it, how can just one person pay a team of a hundred players all 6 million to 50 million dollars a year? It is kind of impossible for that to happen with only one man paying them.

Right now the highest paid professional athlete in the world is Floyd Mayweather. For those who don’t know who he is, he is a professional boxer. Here’s a picture of him, He is earning about 170 million a year because he has become extremely popular and he is become the light weight champion of the world. Were as, about four years ago he wasn’t even on the top 50 list of the top paid athletes. That is proof that the earnings isn’t just from a team president, or from a one-man athlete’s president. It’s all about the achievement of a team or an athlete that determines his salary. Being the best in the world at whatever you do can earn someone a spectacular pay check. Without the support of an athlete’s fans, and the achievement of his/her goals, the athlete would be getting paid like an average worker. As we go through our day, we see people with jerseys on, stickers or flags, or any other accessories. There the ones who are donating and help paying the professional athletes. A professional football stadium holds anywhere between 750 thousand to a million fans. A ticket to a NFL football game is anywhere from 200-350 dollars. After all, the franchise earns about 100 million dollars just from the purchasing of tickets to a single game.

Most people don’t understand that we the fans are the ones who are helping pay them. So, if we have a big issue with them being paid so much, then all we have to do is stop supporting them. I think that professional athletes are paid fairly and that it’s not a social issue. To the ones that do, just think about it this way and it may change your view of how and why they get paid so much.

-Ashton Culick

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  1. October 8, 2012 9:01 am

    I really liked the title because as a sports fan, i know that some of the money i spend at events goes to the player’s paycheck. It may seem like that is a lot of money for one person but many got to realize that every little bit someone spends adds up over time.Guys like Mayweather make a lot of money because he has a ton of fans and the money they spend on getting his merchandise adds up real quick. The information in this blog is real good and is well researched. Its easily allows the readers to understand how professionals make so much money in such little time. It is clear and precise. This is a good blog for any sports fan to read.

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