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Penalty of Death

October 2, 2012

                       “I’m going to uphold the law of the land and let the political consequences be what they may. If it costs me politically, it costs me politically… No case is an easy case… I also keep in mind the victims, and the reason I support the death penalty is because it saves lives. That’s why I support it, and the people of my state support it too.” –George W. BushIn this statement former president Bush presents his point of view on a situation America still faces today, Capital Punishment.  This form of sentence is used on a rare occasion and for crimes that are severe or for criminals that haven’t “Learned their lesson”.  A reason I began this report was to show an important pro for this ongoing argument.  Bush speaks about the victims of horrific crimes in which the criminal being sentenced has committed.  By sending the criminal to death row this choice can end in the saving of many more lives.  Even though a life may have been lost, it could mean the redeeming of numerous innocent lives


A major argument on each side of this topic is if this form of punishment should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.  “Petitioners Ralph Baze and Thomas C. Bowling, convicted for murder and sentenced to death in Kentucky state court, filed suit asserting that the lethal injection protocol violates the Eighth Amendment’s constitutional ban on ‘cruel and unusual punishments.’ The state trial court upheld it as constitutional. Later, the Kentucky Supreme Court affirmed, holding that the lethal injection protocol was substantially safe from ‘wanton’ and ‘unnecessary infliction of pain,’ torture, or ‘lingering death.’ The Supreme Court affirmed the lethal injection protocol as constitutional.” (More cases like this one can be found at In this case both sides of the argument talked about lethal injection and whether it is cruel and unusual punishment of if it is constitutional and not in violation of the Eighth Amendment.  Some claim that it is in violation of this Amendment and should be considered unconstitutional.  Others including the Kentucky Supreme Court say that Capital Punishment by lethal injection is painless and in no sense a form of torture because it kills quickly and has no chance of leaving the criminal lingering between life and death.

The Death Penalty or Capital Punishment can be considered a helpful way to save lives.  Many people consider it to be cruel punishment because it is taking the life of a person, but what they need to understand is that it saves lives. Many people on death row have long criminal records and have no intention of ending their crime sprees so by exercising capital punishment it prevents them from ever doing harm to innocent people. It also puts an end to any thoughts of former criminals or just anyone who would want to engage in serious criminal activity.  Capital Punishment is in no way cruel and unusual punishment and keeps our country much safer than without it.

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