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Obesity In America

October 2, 2012

Dylan Wadzinski

English 101-P04

Mrs. Johnson

September 26, 2012

Obesity in America

Over the years obesity in America has increased dramatically. You see it everyday in life. It’s in your schools, work, and sometimes in your own home. According to in 1962 13% of Americans were obese. In 2012 the percent of adults is now 33.8% and 17% for children. Today people are trying to stop obesity in many different ways. You can get a lot more information from

One example of how people in today’s generation are trying to stop obesity for getting worse is in New York. In New York the state is trying to make it illegal to buy any drink larger than a 16 oz..  The mayor say’s “As the size of sugary drinks has grown, so have our waistlines — and so have diabetes and heart disease.” The mayor later said how New York spends $4 billion a year in health care every year for patients who are obese, since 58% of people in New York are considered obese. This new law should take place in 6 months.

Another example of how people are trying to put a stop to obesity would be the restrictions on school lunches. Today the schools are only allowed to serve fried chicken once a month. They are also only allowed to have french fries once a week. Also they took everything that isn’t diet out of the vending machines and are only allowed to sell diet drinks.  Schools are also making students take a fruit with every meal. Even down to the type of meat schools are allowed to serve show’s how schools are being aware of obesity in America.

One thing that I think is a leading cause of obesity in America would be the fact that kids these days really don’t know how to have fun. They think that if you sit inside and play videos games all day that that is fun. Kids today don’t go outside and run around and get their physical activities. You used to have to go outside and work, but now you can just get everything done in front of a computer.

Do I think that this will change the fact that people will be fat, no. Making us drink diet sodas or making us put salads on our plates is not going to make us physical active people. People can still buy regular sodas and just because its there doesn’t mean that we have to eat it. Since computers and video games have become such a priority to people obesity has increased tremendously. Until Americans become a lot more active the obesity rate in America will not decrease. As eating healthier will help the obesity rate go down a little it want decrease as much as it would with having more physical activities in our lives.  With this sedimentary style of life the obesity has taken full throttle. Something needs to be done but having to get up and get one more refill of soda isn’t going to make America skinny. 

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