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Living with Autism

October 2, 2012

Sharene Vereen

Alyssa Johnson

ENG 101 C01


Living with Autism

            What do many people think of when they hear the word “autism”? When people hear the word autism they know that something is wrong with the child, but they may not know specifically what is wrong. Children that have autism are normal children even though they may not act like a normal child. I’m here to present to you the life of children with autism, the meaning of the disorder, and what you can do to help people be more aware about the disorder.

Autism also known as Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental brain disorder that causes a child to have problems with interacting with others and communicating. Having this disorder can cause the child to have a learning disability, physical health issues, and later having difficulty with motor coordination. It’s more common among boys than girls, but girls can get the disorder. This disorder begins to affect children around the age of two and three where the signs and symptoms are easily noticed. It can also be noticed in the earlier stages of infancy if the parent pays close attention to the infant and knows the signs and symptoms of Autism. Autism at its early stage is detected when an infant is twelve to eighteen  months of age, but it’s more commonly noticed once the child reaches the ages two and three.

Autism has no known cause, it was once thought to be caused by genetic factors but it can also be caused by environmental factors that influence early brain development. This process takes places while he or she is still in the womb and sometimes after the child is born. There are other things that can contribute to the child having autism such as:

  1. the age of the mother
  2.  nutritional deficiencies
  3. Environmental factors

All three of these things can contribute to the child having autism, but they are not the main reason that a child gets autism.

The lives of children that have autism can sometimes be difficult because they don’t act like children who don’t have autism. Children that have autism sometimes have speech problems, so they use gestures to communicate with others rather than talking. They also have a hard time making friends because they prefer to be alone and not talk to others. Some children with autism try to build friendships with other children but they don’t seem to get far with it because of their social skills. Also, some children that have autism have tantrums and they act aggressively when they are frustrated. Many children with autism have difficulty dealing with a change in their daily routine. Once they’re set to a daily routine it’s hard to get them to accept change if it occurs. Many people that have autism lead happy lives on their own or with help from family and friends.

For people to be more aware about the disorder they have to first know what the disorder is. Most people become more aware of the disorder by donating to fundraisers, and other events that contribute to the awareness of Autism events. (Events | Autism Speaks)An organization known as the Autism Society has also contributed to the help of making Autism aware by celebrating National Autism Month in the month of April. You could also, join a support group to become more aware of Autism to help the families of those who may have a loved one that has Autism.  Both fundraising and joining support groups can help change the lives of people with Autism. Fundraising can help go towards research to possibly find a cure for the disorder and to educate people about the disorder. The support groups are held so that others can help support families of those who have autism.

Learning all of these things about Autism make you think twice about the people who surround you in life that may have the disorder. They live normal lives like the rest of us, but some things that they do maybe slightly different. People that have autism are very unique individuals that deserve to be treated just as they were normal. Educate yourself about autism so that you can tell others why it’s important to be aware of the disorder.




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