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Life Changing Event of Texting and Driving

October 2, 2012

Life Changing Event of Texting and Driving
If you take out your cell phone right now and read your last text message you received or sent, would that text be worth getting into a car crash or perhaps even worse? This is the question that individuals should ask themselves every time before they get into a car to drive. Most of the time, texting is overlooked by the hustle and bustle of everyone’s day-to-day lives. People forget what a serious danger texting and driving is for the individuals in the car, and the cars driving around them. Every day people cut their lives short here on Earth because of texting and driving.
When looking back at people’s last text message they sent or received before they have died, the messages are simple and basic. These text messages are not worth losing a precious life that you cannot get back. A person is 23% more likely to crash if they are texting and driving. Out of this 23% two out of every 10 teenagers on the road openly admit to texting while driving. This was done in a study by AT&T found here Is this percentage so high because teenagers don’t know about the risks or is it because teens are to wrapped up in their social lives to care?
For Amanda’s sister, a normal 19 year old with her life laid out in front of her, one decision changed her and her sister’s lives forever. Amanda texted her sister for the last time while her sister was driving. It was just an average day in May, when Amanda’s sister decided to text her and drive at the same time. Which makes anyone’s reaction time 11% less than not texting and driving. Her sister’s truck drifted into the median of the road, as soon as she realized what was going on it was all too late. The truck flipped numerous times before her sister was ejected and die on impact. She was only 19 years old when her life ended. She just started a new chapter in her life by entering college at Kansas State University. Amanda shares her sister’s story to encourage other teens to stop and think about texting and driving before they do it, because the social world can wait if it means a life will be saved. For more information on her story or other stories like it check out
The minimal time it takes to text while driving is 5 seconds; if you are going 55mph in a car you have traveled the length of a football filed without looking at the road. It only took a few seconds for 21-year-old Chance Bothe to write one of his final text messages, “I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident.” That was the text he sent that changed his outlook on life forever. His truck dove off a bridge and with that broke almost every bone in his body from his cheekbones to skull. Looking back, Chance tells fellow teens, “Don’t do it. It’s not worth losing your life.” For the rest of Chance Bothe’s story, check out
The world around us is going so fast, especially through all the information that is being delivered through text messages, but it is not going to go anywhere anytime soon. If it means one life would be saved I would not have looked at the last text message I revised while driving. Now I know just how fast a life can be taken by just looking down.

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