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Illegal Steroid Use

October 2, 2012


A lot of people are born with little or no physical ability or size. Some of these people strive to be a great athlete but often come up short due to uncontrollable factors. For this reason, people enhance their abilities by illegally taking steroids. The illegal use of steroids in sports is immoral and provides an unfair advantage. However, in some cases, steroids have been detected in tests due to bad pieces of beef with high levels of steroids.

There are many reasons that the unprescribed use of use of steroids is illegal. Steroids are a synthetic substance that is the equivalent of testosterone. This allows for quicker and easier muscle growth. Long term use of this can be deadly and it causes the person to become more violent more often. The use of steroids is an unnatural and unfair way to gain an edge on others. Some side affects to steroids can be very dangerous including high blood pressure and liver tumors. They can also stunt your growth depending on when they are taken. Since 1991, unless a doctor prescribes them, steroids have been banned.

Many athletes have been caught for using steroids to increase their performance. The MLB has had quite a few big cases within the past ten years. The most famous case is the one involving Barry Bonds, the man who broke the world record for career home runs by hitting 762 of them. He was found guilty of using steroids. The controversy now, is whether or not he should be credited with the world record or not. Hank Aaron, who played 23 years in the MLB, 1955-1976, previously held the record at 755 home runs without using steroids. Barry Bonds passed him in 20o7 and denies any use of steroids. However, Bonds was convicted of doing so and he was often found avoiding the question of steroid use. This immoral use of steroids by such a well-known super star let many children who looked up to him, down. Kids looked up to him and wanted to be just like him and their dreams were crushed because of this. It doesn’t just affect the person taking it, but other people as well.

In another case, dealing with a professional bicyclist named Alberto Contador, only a minute amount of steroids were found in a drug test. Contador claims to have never taken any illegal substances, but that it was a piece of bad beef that caused it. He said that he ate a piece of beef that contained too many steroids in it and that it altered the results. The amount found in him was 40 times less than the minimum amount that anti-doping labs are required to detect. No matter how much is found, it is illegal because the rules do not set an amount that is legal or not legal. There is no room for discussion. I feel that there should be an amount set that has to be detected in order for it to be illegal because there could easily be a cut of meat that has had too many steroids injected into it.

To me, using steroids to gain an advantage is unethical and cheating. In no case, unless medically prescribed, should and athlete use steroids to create an edge on opponents.

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