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Ellie’s Walkers

October 2, 2012

Coastal Carolina Walk for Babies

 On December 31, 2006 a very special little girl was born into my family. At only 26 weeks gestation Ellie Walker Anderson was brought into the world. Unfortunately, Ellie’s organs were not fully developed and after 6 short days she lost her fight to survive. After Ellie’s death, my family and I became very involved with the March of Dimes Organization. The March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization which works across the United States to help improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Because of our unfortunate experience, my family knows firsthand the devastation felt when a baby is born too soon.  We committed to join this fight with the March of Dimes to keep Ellie’s memory alive in hopes that other families would be saved from this tragedy. 

 Beginning in the spring of 2007 until the present I have participated in six March for Babies events where I was the team leader for a group of people dedicated to walking 3 miles on the Coastal Carolina campus in honor of Ellie. The team that I helped create is called Ellie’s Walkers and to date we have raised almost $10,000 for the March of Dimes organization.  Annually we join with other family teams and corporate teams for a great day of fun and fundraising for this March of Dimes.  We have done many things to raise funds for Ellie’s Walkers to donate to the March of Dimes.  I have a personal webpage where I send email blasts for support and I do an envelope drive at my church.  We have held yard sales and bake sales as well. The dream of the March of Dimes is that one day all babies will be born healthy and families will no longer have to go through the loss of a small child.

  Recently I held a fundraiser where kids ages 7-18 participated in a singing competition. The young singers paid a fee to participate which went directly to the March of Dimes Organization and also the viewers had the opportunity to donate to the organization while they enjoyed the entertainment.   We had three impartial judges and trophies for the winners of each age division.  It was a great night where we all had a great time and raised money for a great cause.  To date this is probably my favorite fundraiser. 

Karaoke Fundraiser

In 2010, I competed for the title of Miss Myrtle Beach Teen which is part of the Miss America Organization. In order to be a participant I was required to choose a platform that was important to me that I wanted to help raise awareness of within my community. With Ellie’s story being so near to my heart I chose the March of Dimes as my platform. Although I was already involved with the organization I delved even deeper into raising awareness of the great service they provide.  I was blessed to win the pageant and went on to compete in and win Miss South Carolina Teen where I carried the March of Dimes as my platform there as well.  

      Throughout the past year I have had many opportunities to speak to groups of people who I was able to educated on the importance of organizations such as the March of Dimes and through those experiences I gained many supporters who were more than willing to walk with my team in the March for Babies and donate to the March of Dimes foundation. Being Miss South Carolina Teen proved to be a wonderful way to spread to people our story about why the March of Dimes is so important to me and my entire family.

 My experience has taught me that helping your community makes you a better person, and if during your service you can touch at least one person’s life then it is all worthwhile.  I cannot say how I felt after my experience because my experience is ongoing. I am committed to continuing to serve the March of Dimes in honor of Ellie for many years to come. The 2013 March for Babies will be held in April on the Coastal Carolina campus and Ellie’s Walkers will be there continuing to raise funds to donate to the March of Dimes organization.  My personal goal for this year is $1100.00 dollars. 

Ellie Walker Anderson’s life was very short but it was certainly not in vain.  The desire to keep her memory alive opened the door for me to engage in community service and realize the difference it can make in one’s life. 

The little girls walking for babies(including Ellie’s “little sister” Lia)

Ellie’s parents, Corey, Michelle and sister Lia

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  1. knboulav permalink
    October 2, 2012 10:09 pm

    It’s sad to know how many premature babies lost their lives, before they even began to live it. March of Dimes gives people the chance to support the prevention of this type of tragedy. It’s amazing to see how many people participate in the 3-mile walk at Coastal Carolina University, which I have witnessed myself. People should be aware of this organization, and it’s incredible how much time and effort you have devoted. This blog will encourage others to get involved in the March of Dimes Organization.

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