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Animals Are People Too!

October 2, 2012

He was once outside with his family, playing catch, running for the ball and rolling around in the front yard. Then he was moved to another home where life wasn’t that good for him. He was beaten, starved, and left outside in the heat and cold. He didn’t understand why or who could do such a thing, he was just a little puppy. It took months and months till someone finally realized what was going on. It was almost too late but he finally got out of his home that wasn’t a home to him. He was scared from head to toe, with ticks crawling all over him, biting at what was left of his skin. All he wanted was the love that he had before and he couldn’t understand what he did to deserve what he received. Luck never used the restroom inside, never tore up the house, and still didn’t understand why his family gave him up. But now he is out of the cruel home that he was in and hoping to be put back together and find another loving home.

My Heart Beats Just like Yours
In the United States animal abuse is a major problem that vets, animal rescue, and states are trying to put a stop to. ASPCA released statistics dealing with the amount of animal problems in the United States.  In 2011, over 5,000 dogs and cats have been involved in an abusive home and most of them never made it out alive. In the state of South Carolina last year the animal rescue took 254 dogs out of homes. One of the cases they came upon, a lady had 35 dogs and 54 cats that weren’t fed in over a week, never had their shots, and never had the attention an animal needs. Even though animal abuse is a major problem and effects more people then realized, there are no major laws to helping save animals. Most time animal rescue gives the owner a warning first, instead of removing the animal, and if nothing is done then the animal(s) are removed. The owner can receive jail time but it only depends on how bad the case is. The women in South Carolina with all the animals never received jail time just a $1000 ticket. In the United States you can hit an animal and nothing will happen to you but if you hit a human you will be in jail. Animals have a heart, a brain, legs, and feelings just like humans but people still think they are just animals. Animal abuse is no different than child abuse. If affects the animal’s life more the owners realized.

I Want To Be Lying In a Soft Bed
If an animal comes into a vets office it normally takes months to get the animal back into the animal it once was and not being so scared and to trust again. And once the dog or cats are put back together they don’t just go into a new loving home. It takes time and months that they might spend in shelters. Human societies are like a jail but with animals instead of humans. With the rate of abuse, animal shelters are becoming overcrowded and don’t have the supplies for all the animals they receive. In the end animals are punished more than anything and they did nothing to deserve the life they have to live. Shelters are small cages, with a little thin towel, small amounts of food, and receive hardly any love like they should Instead of playing out in a big field, running for the ball, swimming in the lake the animals are stuck in this small cage day in and day out. Then when animals don’t get adopted out, the place gets overcrowded and the shelter had a hard time supplying for so many and ask the public for help. They wouldn’t have to ask for help if they would make a bigger deal about animal abuse.

Saving More Animals
If the awareness about animal abuse was broader and had more of an effect if you are caught harming an animal I believe the rate of animal abuse would go down. No animal should ever have to live getting beat, starve, and stuck in a shelter. People freak out when they hear children are being harmed but don’t seem to care when they hear about an animal dealing with the same thing but sometimes worse. Animal abuse will always be a problem but limiting the number would not only help animals but the shelters and the communities. If the rate keeps rising then more animals will begin dying and possibly losing certain types of animals. Its time animals are treated right and PETA is helping people understand how animlas need our help and how we can help. Every animal can be a smart, loving, family animal but it all depends on how people raise them and show them respect. It kills me seeing animals hurt and ache for a place they can call their home and if I had the money I would adopt every animal is the world. A dog can become a human’s best friend, someone that will always be there for you, cuddly with you, and always keep your secrets. The only difference with animals and humans are that animals bark or meow but that is there language of talking like English is our language of speaking. All animals want are loving homes and humans can help that happen.

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  1. October 8, 2012 9:03 am

    The title of animals are people too really drew me in to read this blog. I really liked how the in the beginning how this blog is started off with the story of the puppy. This was really heartbreaking and true of what happens to most puppies that become unwanted by their owners. I really liked how you organized your blog and it was really well written I think. I think that the information is all there and very organized. I really liked your topic because I did my blog on the importance of spaying and neutering. I really know what you are talking about and I am passionate about this topic so I know what you’re talking about.

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