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Prison: Threats All Around

October 1, 2012

The United States prison system is many things, but economically sound does not fall into any of them. It costs an average of $3.42 a day to keep a prisoner on probation, and $7.47 to keep that same prisoner on parole. Compare that with how costly it is to keep prisoners locked up; it costs an average of $78.95 each day to keep a criminal behind bars ( Now factor in that roughly 1 in 33 people are in jail or 2.2 million that’s about $173,690,000. Now us as job holders pay for that, with our hard-earned money. Other expenses are lethal injections, and executions. The average lethal injection costs $86.06 and there have been 1,188 executions since 1976, while in and of itself does not seem like a huge number, it very easily adds up.

Among this prisoners also deal with:

-On December 31st, 2005-There were an estimated
491 prisoners per 100,000 United States residents, up from 411 at the year
1995. As well, there were 3,145 black male sentenced inmates per 100,000 black males in the United States. There were 1244 Hispanic male sentenced inmates per
1000 Hispanic males and 471 white male inmates per 100,000 while males
Over Population 
-In the year 2000, the Human Rights Watch found
that 22 states and the federal prison system operated at 100 percent or more of their highest capacity.

Many Forms of Abuse 
– The Human Rights Watch also found that prisoner on prisoner sexual abuse is currently a rising issue in the US prison system, as the number of inmates
continually increases.
– As the issue of rape increases, so do the numbers of those both physically and
psychologically damaged. Physical effects vary from instance to instance and
include the transmission of diseases/infections, such as HIV (a particularly
growing concern)
– Also the fear of being murdered or raped causes great mental trauma on all the inmates. Many are having to be transferred to mental health institutions.

Lockdown – Maximum Security
Utah State Prison – Maximum Security Women Inmates

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