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Weirdest Phobias

September 26, 2012

Jasmine Booth

Professor Johnson

English 101 C01

September 25, 2012

                                                               Weirdest Phobias

Rosanne Cash once said, “The key to change…is to let fear go.” Everyone has felt fearful in some point in their life. When anxiety and fear plays a role in your life every day, it is known as phobia. Phobia is an anxiety disorder that someone feels fearful of a situation, place, or an object. It is very common to be afraid of something that you are fearful of, but sometimes people let it takes over their life. There are many types of phobias that people are diagnosed with. Some phobias are common and some are taken to the extreme.

Phobias mostly occurs during childhood, but also when you are an adult. People who have phobia try to avoid what they fear . Common types of phobia are; social, spider, heights, or flying in an airplane are normal. But, now people are scared of something that you might think is nothing to be afraid of.  For example, Anatidaephobia is a type of phobia when someone is fearful when a duck is watching them. Or Ophthalamophobia, when someone is afraid to open their eyes. Papyrophiba, when someone is afraid of paper. Selenophobia, when someone has anxiety of the moon. It may seem funny to some people, but these are real diagnoses of types of phobia.

If someone faces phobia they begin to tremble, panic attacks, heart beats fast, need to escape, or feel that you are going to pass out. These are symptoms of phobia that can trigger a person. Treatment is available, only if the person that is diagnosed is willing to be treated. A person will have to go see a hypnotherapist or a psychiatrist to go forward with their phobia. If the person confronts the phobia with no help, it could cause more damage than before. The main step is to take your phobia a day at a time, to face your fears.

I know someone who has Coulorphobia, someone who is afraid of clowns. She starts to scream if she sees a clown on a picture, in a parade, on a movie, or anywhere. I realized when she had coulorphobia when we were watching a movie called Fame. It was a short scene with a poster of a clown. She screamed and cried like a baby. At first, I thought that she was playing, but then I found out that she was serious. I took her downstairs to calm her down by telling her breath, and then she was alright.

Phobia can control your life if you let it. It is one of the worst emotional disorders for anyone to have. There is information and articles about phobia on the internet, books, and magazines, if you are interested in letting go of your fear. No one is capable of defeating this disorder except you. Remember, you are not the only individual with this disorder. Don’t let fear control your life.


Websites for Phobia Treatment:

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